2017...that's a wrap!

The summer of 2017 came and went faster than we could have imagined.  The first year of Peaks to Plains completely blew away our expectations, from the initial turnout at the kick-off party, to the overwhelming support we received from everyone who heard about the event.  We had an absolute blast, and we hope you all did too.

Some of the highlights for us include the kick-off (of course), as well as the first Peaks to Plains Moto Flea.  We were proud to be able to showcase some of the best artisans in our area, and we can't wait to see more growth with this event in particular.  When we started brainstorming this whole thing, it was initially going to be just some of our friends, seeing who could ride the furthest over the summer.  As we got deeper, we knew we wanted it to become more, eventually realizing that the community is so much more than just the bikes and the rides.  It's the people who make it awesome, and to be able to lend whatever exposure we can to the creatives in our community makes us proud to be a part of it.  We can't wait to share some of our future plans for this event.

Obviously, one of the memories that burns the brightest for us (heh) is watching our very own Zach Grey try his best to make The Campout Volume 1 as hazardous as possible.  We had well over 100 riders show up to join us for some good, old fashioned madness.  Thanks again to PBR for supplying the fuel, and to everyone who tried their hardest at the Pickle Dangle.  This, like the Flea, will be back next year, even bigger and better.

The Summer is now quickly coming to an end, which in Colorado at least, signals some of the best riding days.  We'll see you out there, and can't wait to clock some more miles with our friends, old and especially new.  We couldn't possibly have asked for a better first year, and we look forward to many more.  We hope you do too.