2018 Events

We can't wait to release the 2018 schedule!  Changes are coming to the Mileage Challenge, in the form of separate bike classes, more photo bonuses, and surprises we haven't even thought of yet.  You'll love it.  We're looking into more events as well, but rest assured, the big ones will be back, namely the Peaks to Plains Moto Flea, and of course The Campout (Vol. 2).  Stay tuned for more and follow us on Instagram for the latest updates!

2017 Events

Clock Party


May 13th

In celebration of George Wyman's transcontinental journey, join us at Threepence Motorcycles to kick off the mileage challenge and the beginning of Peaks to Plains.  We’ll record your mileage, go over the bonus challenges and rules, meet fellow riders, and drink some beers.

Drag Night


June 14th

We’ll be getting together at Bandimere Speedway for a CSP Take It To The Track night.  Watch some races, or if you’re brave enough, get out on the track.  $12 to watch, and only $30 to race!  Check out their FAQ and information on the event here:  Bandimere Take It To The Track.

Moto Expo

Fort Greene

July 29th

2:00 PM

Come hang out with us at Fort Greene Bar (321 East 45th Ave, Denver CO) for a day of beers, bikes, and booths.  

We're celebrating the Makers in our community by hosting a different kind of Moto Expo. Rather than being custom motorcycle centric, we're focusing on the people in and around the community who work to hard to make it a unique scene. From artists and photographers to leatherworkers and craftsman (and women!), we want to shine the spotlight on the creative heartbeat of our community.

CASH ONLY, unless the merchant has their own card swiper. There is an ATM at the end of the block on E 45th at the gas station.

If you are interested in having a booth with us, please send us a DM through Instagram @peakstoplains for more information


Our penultimate event will be held in Jefferson, CO.  All are welcome, we’ll be spending a weekend on a traditional, back-to-basics style motorcycle rally.  Self sufficiency will be the name of the game this weekend, so have your game tight and right.  We’ll provide the location, a chase vehicle, entertainment, and frosty beverages.  Everything else will be up to you, but expect us to have a schedule of rides, games of skill, and whatever else we decide to offer.  It’s going to be gnarly, rad, and a bit fucked.

Peak to Plains Campout

Jefferson, CO

August 25-27

Join us once again at Threepence for the final event of Peaks to Plains, the scoring, presentation of winners and special awards ceremony.  We’ll have a raffle, music, beer, and send the High Mileage King (or Queen) home with a worthy symbol of his or her accomplishment, as well as runners up and challenge winners.  Don’t miss it!

Clock Party 2: The Enscorening


September 23