Peak to Plains Campout - important update, see below


Whether or not you’re taking part in the Peaks to Plains Mileage Challenge, you are invited to join us in Jefferson, Colorado on August 25th to the 27th. We’re looking to keep this in the traditional back-to-basics style of our motorcycle riding forefathers.  Shelter, food, water (we’ll provide beer, while it lasts), etc.  Most importantly, a spirit of adventure and a welcoming attitude.  No jerks needed.

We ask that you RSVP specifically for the campout so we can gauge how many volunteers we'll need, as well as how much beer to procure:

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Al's Pits Geneva Creek Park (link)

Directions from Denver: Take I-70 to CO-470 towards Colorado Springs.  Take exit to US-285 S towards Fairplay.  From the exit onto 285, travel 40 miles until you see Al's Jerky Stand on the right at Guanella Pass Road.  You won't miss it, it's a big yellow Jerky Stand.  Take the right onto Gaunella Pass Road, and the site will be on the Left.

Directions from Colorado Springs:   Take HWY 24 W.  Turn right onto 67 N for 23 miles until it becomes 126 towards Jefferson County.  Turn right onto 285 towards Fairplay, travel 18 miles until you see Al's Jerky Stand on the right at Guanella Pass Road.  You won't miss it, it's a big yellow Jerky Stand.  Take the right onto Gaunella Pass Road, and the site will be on the Left.

Is there a charge?

We initially set out to have this as a no-charge camping event on dispersed use land.  However, we've decided to relocate the event from the dispersed site we initially announced to a fully supported campground in Grant, Colorado:  Geneva Creek & Al's Pits Barbeque.  This site will offer us on-site fascilities, a steam, firepits, horseshoes, and importantly, food and nearby coffee, bar, and liquor store.  We will be closer to gas as well.  

Due to the reservation charges, we will need to charge $10 per night per person in the site.  We understand that this will be dissapointing to many of you, as we kicked off this summer's events to be free of any charges.  However, we feel that the proximity to gas, food, and bathrooms made the new site worth it, and we hope you agree with us.  We do not have the capacity at this time to take funds online, and will need to collect cash at the site, individually.  We know this is not ideal, and we hope you'll bear with us.  We do not expect to fully recoup our reservation costs, but if we do, all extra proceeds will simply go back into making the final Peaks to Plains party in September an excellent one.

Who can come?

Anyone and Everyone. 

What will the campsite have?

Nothing but what you bring with you.  This is a back-to-basics campout, and there will be no food, water, gasoline, or fascilities.  Please, plan accordingly.  We will not be holding anyone's hand.

Where can I get gas nearby?

There's literally nothing out here, folks.  You will need to fill up at one of these two gas stations BEFORE you get to the site, or you will be out of gas.  If you have a chopper with a peanut tank, pack in gas.

If you are coming from Denver, the last gas station you will see before the site will be in Bailey, 20 miles from the site: 60597 US-285, Bailey, CO 80421

If you are coming from Colorado Springs, the last gas station you will see before the site will be in Florrisant, 40 miles from the site: 39608 US-24, Florissant, CO 80816


What kind of bikes?

Literally anything.  We do have people who will be driving and trailering their dirtbikes, we’ll have people on dual sports and ADV riders, probably a side-car rig or two.  Sport bikes to choppers, if you can ride it, and it’ll make it, we’ll see you there.


What if my bike won’t make it?

Um…don’t ride it?  Ride pillion, ride in a car.  We still want to see you there, nerd.


What kind of activities will there be?

We're not camp counselors, so don't expect us to plan your fun for you.  Here's the plan:

Friday night: get to the site and party.

10:00 - group ride to get breakfast in Bailey, followed by a planned ride
11:30 - group ride to get lunch in Fairplay, followed by a planned ride
3:00 - Games of skill, including knife throwing, slow races, ride the pine, and more
Sundown - IF we can get it to work, we'll show a rad biker film via projector

Sunday - GTFO

Will there be any rules?

There will be no rules, except for the following rules:

•   No Colors.  This is an all-inclusive event, and the idea is to celebrate our community as a whole rather than separate groups out of it.

•   No guns. 

•   Your survival is your own responsibility.  Have your shit tight, both your gear and your bike.

•   The chase truck is for emergencies only.  It’s not your personal sherpa.  Strap your gear down.

•   We ask that you leave the site CLEANER than it was before you got there.  We want to represent the best aspects of motorcycling, and we want to have this event again.

•   No riding in the campsite after 10:00.  We are NOT the only people in this part of the forest, and the last thing we need is a noise complaint and being kicked out because you wanted to do a burnout at 2:00 AM.

•   Have fun, but be safe.  Don’t die, and don’t drink and ride. 

•   As mentioned above, don’t be a dick. Please, do not be a dick.