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If you don't do it this year, you'll be one year older when you do.

-Warren Miller


George Wyman embarked in mid-May of 1903 on the first transcontinental trip by motorized vehicle, and amazingly, it was by motorcycle.  Over 50 days, from San Francisco to New York City, Wyman rode a 1.25 HP (90CC) motorbike designed by Roy Marks.  

In the same spirit, Peaks to Plains is a celebration of the experience that brings us together in our love for two wheels, the spirit of adventure, and wanderlust.  


Well...what is it?


Peaks to Plains is conceived as a way to bring riders from all over Colorado together to take part in a unifying event.  With some of the country’s most diverse roads, we also have equally diverse riders, and we want to help build a collective culture.  If you're interested in riding, we want you with us, whether you’re on a cruiser, ADV bike, cafe, or chopper.

When we started Peaks to Plains, we centered it around our Mileage Challenge, a way to see which of our friends could put the most miles on their bike in the summer.  Since the early days, we've grown our purpose to bring our community close together, both on and off our machines.  

Whether it's on a long or short ride, around a campfire, or at our Moto Flea where we showcase the community's most creative makers, we welcome all riders on any bikes.  It’s your state, and this will be your event.  Join us and travel from the Peaks to Plains.