The challenge

The central ideal behind Peaks to Plains is the Summer Moto Mileage Challenge.  Simply put, we love to ride, let's see who can clock the most miles in the season!  Spanning from May to September, let your tires roll and your odometer tell the story.  

We've taken initial registration forms for the challenge, but if you missed our Clock-In party, don't worry.  We're still accepting entries, so follow these steps to get on the board:

Take a photo of your odometer with a time stamped gas receipt
Post on your Instagram feed, tag @PeaksToPlains, and include the tag #PeakstoPlains2017
We'll put you on the challenge!

What about our friends who've customized their machines past the point of having an odometer?  Our Bonus Challenges are there for you!  Earn miles by completing different tests and objectives.  Depending on the difficulty, we'll award miles to your score.  From proof of National Park visits, to nights spent outside camping, you'll be able to stand a chance against that guy who's probably going to ride to Alaska and back.  Maybe.

Bonus Challenges

The following (and growing, so check back often) list of challenges can be used to supplement your mileage through the summer, and in the case of the No Odometer Class, will constitute the entire challenge.  You MUST follow the following steps to get credit for your completions:

Take a photo of the proof, with your bike in frame
Post on your Instagram feed, tag @PeaksToPlains, and include the tag #PeaksToPlains2017

  • Receipt from a national park (can count each park one time per rider, per season) - 100 points
  • Photo of bike at a Colorado border (can count each border one time per rider, per season) - 100 points
  • Photo of bike in front of State Park sign (can count each park one time per rider, per season) - 25 points
  • Photos of bikes at iconic Colorado Landmarks (points will be awarded based on Judges' discression, feel free to check with us first) - 25 points
  • Nights outside (photo of bike in front of tent)- 25 points each night
  • Ride Report (If you do something rad and want to share it with us in our Journal, submit it and we'll post it!) - 25 points per entry
  • Photo of a LEO on your bike (DO NOT hassle them.  Ask nicely.  Take a no respectfully) - 25 points each